Black & Decker LDX120SB 20V MAX Lithium Ion Drill / Driver

Cordless Drill:
20 Volt LDX120SB

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4 Stars
On January 3, 2012
Last modified:July 18, 2012


With a lithium ion battery that holds a charge up to 18 months between use, Black & Decker’s LDX120SB 20V MAX drill/driver holds a charge up to five times longer. This equals a longer life, year after year. The lithium battery is also 34% smaller and 25% lighter than a NiCad equivalent, which translates into less wear and tear on the user


We decided to give this new 20 v offering from Black & Decker the  LDX120SB 20V MAX Lithium Ion Drill / Driver with Storage Bag a try out, after charging (on first charge took awhile but can be expected on first charge) the first thing we did was to run some 3/8 coach bolts into some joists. We tried different setting on the clutch but  didn’t really listen to the clutch, we had it cranked up to 10. The bolt flew in with no problem. Was it tight though!, we knocked the clutch back down into 1-1 and pulled the trigger wow we sheared the head right off the bolt as soon as  the trigger was pulled.

Wow! Ok, it was just a hardware store grade II bolt, so we gave it a go on some grade 5’s we had hanging around and  we got the same result would have sheared those heads off as well, but we stopped before this happened again.

We found the drill to be very compact and it has perfect balance when the battery is fitted not always the case with some models, one draw-back could be that it doesn’t have a 1/2″ chuck , coming instead with a  3/8″ chuck, so you might need to think about fitting a 1/2 to it depending on what you need it for, this might not be a big deal for you .

One thing we were wondering  about is the strange voltage, this is the first 20Volt we have come across and hope it isn’t here today gone tomorrow. One thing they seem to have slipped up on is: If you’re  going to place a light on it for seeing in dark corners (good feature idea) then please make it so it’s directed at the tip of the drill, not  underneath where your drilling very annoying. This disappoints me, why do these companies spoil the perfect product right when they’re producing the perfect drill???

 We liked the fact that it is very light and compact for a drill that delivers this amount of power, normally a cordless with this amount of power is quite heavy but they seem to have got it just right with this drill. The battery has a nice broad base which allows for placing the drill upright when not in use rather than on its side which can result in damage to casing.

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When using the drill you will notice that it is very well balanced which is not always the case with other models which can make them quite difficult to use. One down side for some users is the fact that it only comes with one battery ,most models come with two these days so you might find yourself waiting for the battery to recharge to complete large projects your working on.

One thing that did throw us was that it runs at 650 RPM when most modern drills run at around 1200-2000 Rpm but in use there seemed little difference than the larger RPM models so no down side there.


-Light and compact
-Excellent power
-Well balanced
-Useful light ( could be better though)
-Adjustable clutch
-Solid Chuck
-Has convenient bit holder for one bit

-Only comes with one battery (This is a new line of B&D products and extra batteries are not yet available).
-Slower top speed than other drills (May be a problem for some applications, but I found it more than adequate).
-Additional tools are not yet available (knowing B&D I am sure they will be soon).

 Overall most purchasers were pleased with their purchase, to read more Click Here


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